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About Ramon...

Ramon is a hiker, climber, and diver who loves to get off the beaten path. His website is a combination of his drive to explore and his passion to capture and share what he sees. Ramon is a bit of a minimalist and is currently torn between his yearning to travel the world and his need to decrease his carbon footprint.


Ramon (far right) at the top of the magnificent multipitch route 'Humanality'! - Photo credit to Dave Allen!

Ramon is a Wilderness First Responder (WFR), under Wilderness Medical Associates (WMA), he has been awarded the River Rescue Certification (RRC) by Rescue 3 International, has undergone General Rescue and Land Search training under the State Emergency Services (SES) of Western Australia, and has also undergone training by, and is a volunteer for the Mountain Search and Rescue Society of Malaysia (MOSARS). Ramon has also undergone Supervisor and Assessor Training (SAT) under ITAP-licensed GAC Adventure Consultants (delivered by the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation), and as an administrator of the Hiking & Camping Around Malaysia (HACAM) group, is an active and influential member of the hiking community of Malaysia.

Ramon can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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