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Cape to Cape Campsite 1 - Camp Duckworth
Cape to Cape Campsite 2 - Moses Rock Campsite
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Cape to Cape Campsite 4 - Cantos's Campsite
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Cantos's Campsite

Campsite Location

Cantos's Campsite is absolutely humongous! I am used to freedom (wild) camping and the sight of the hoards of camper vans and massive tents with bucket-loads of families running around, often making their presence known with the tumultuous din that accompanied them, left me feeling somewhat nauseous. I quickly escaped all this by creeping off into the corner of the woods, well out of earshot (and eyeshot!) before setting up my hammock surrounded by kangaroo droppings and the constant cackles of kookaburras (Dacelo novaeguineae).

The facilities here are an absolute luxury though. The campsite has buildings that house toilets, barbecue pits, fire pits, and running tap water. Despite all this, I disliked this campsite the most. I camp not only to immerse myself in nature, but to also get away from the ubiquitous crowds. If you feel the same, I would suggest you instead carry on along the Cape to Cape track as there is another smaller campsite called 'Point Road Campsite' which lies only 2km away from Canto's.

Cantos's Campsite
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