Cape to Cape Day 04 – Ellensbrook to Conto's Campsite

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Bob's Hollow & Canto's Campsite

Beach before Conto's Campsite

The trail began to narrow as it approached the coast once again, with limestone rock caps popping up everywhere. The stones gradually became boulders and the boulders gradually become soaring cliffs. As I began to ascend the log stairwell that made its way back inland, I was greeted with the familiar sight of the cave that marked the climbing crag of Bob's Hollow. The trail wound its way to the top of the limestone cliff, completely circumventing the climbing routes at the base.

Bob's Hollow

Bob's Hollow Sunset

As the sun began to set, tinges of yellow seemed to materialise everywhere seemingly setting everything aflame. The wonderful sea breeze whipped through sending the straps of my bag flapping, but despite the chill it brought with it, it couldn't seem to overcome the warm radiant light that the rays of the setting sun bathed me in - rays that somehow found a way to pierce through the heavy cloud cover that was roiling in the distance. The scene before me left my feet frozen in the moment, unable to move forward.

With images of the glorious sunset that I had just witnessed etched permanently in my mind, I carried along the trail, eager to beat the darkness. Before I knew it, the trail crossed Conto Road before making its way to the huge and completely overcrowded Canto's Campsite shortly after.


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