Krabi Day 03 & 04 - Muay Thai Wall & Songkran

Happy Island

Happy Island After we got back to Railay East, we decided to walk around to pass the time. We made our way to Happy Island from Phra Nang beach where we met Emilie once again. She decided to join us as we made our way around the entire island but we found out soon after that the longer we spent wading in the shallow waters, the deeper the water seemed to get. The rocks were also fairly sharp and there were quite a few sea urchins (Diadema setosum) scattered about. I decided to keep on going when the rest decided to head back as I was stubbornly adamant on circumnavigating the island.

There were a few points where things did become a little precarious, not for my own physical well-being but rather for my Nikon D7000's.  This realization became especially pronounced when I happened upon two sections that required large leaps across deep channels of water with slippery, algae-covered rocks on the other side that seemed to just beg for the slightest misstep. After this point however, the side of the island became so sheer (since the stronger currents from the open ocean met the island here) that wading around became an impossibility. It was somewhere around this point where I realized that I would have to do some traversing. Doubt in my abilities began to enter my mind before I began however and I alarmingly realized that this seems to be occurring more and more frequently recently. The thoughts have turned out to be somewhat inhibiting, causing a great deal of reluctance and ultimately hindering any progress.

I managed to push pass the mental reluctance however and risking a fall into the ocean, pressed on with the traverse. The traverse itself was not easy as the overhanging rock was sharp with most of the holds being crimps. Footholds were also made slippery due to the waves that were breaking onto the side. After some time it became almost impossible to proceed with the traverse but since I had already gone too far to turn back, I decided to press on by swimming on my back with the DSLR bag held high above my head.

I eventually found the others on the other side of the island somewhat concerned and worried due to the time that I had taken. By then the sun had set so we walked back to Railay East in the dark before grabbing a well deserved dinner (THB130).


End of Day 3 & 4 Expenditure (THB)

Transportation : 0 & 200

Entrance Fees/Visa : 0 & 0

Food : 410 &  170

Misc : 250 & 0

Accommodation : 0 & 0

TOTAL (THB) : 660 & 370


: 2250

: 100

 : 1310

: 560

: 2500

: 6720
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