Mount Nuang (Kuala Pangsoon)

Puncak Pengasih

It took about another hour of trekking from Camp Pacat to reach the False Peak, which is also known as 'Puncak Pengasih' (elevation : 1399m) The group regrouped there but due to time restraints, half of us had to turn back to head back down the mountain. Those who decided to head on to the actual summit and didn't bring along torches borrowed torches from those who did before making the left turning from  the False Peak to the actual summit. It took the group 4 hours and 40 minutes to reach the False Peak (not taking into consideration the time we spent at Camp Lolo and Camp Pacat). 

Puncak Pengasih Peak

I was in a rush at this point though as it turned out that the 5 hours that the ranger had mentioned was only to the summit so I descended the mountain at a fairly rapid pace. I left the False Peak at 14:15 and reached Camp Pacat after 40 minutes, and Camp Lolo another 40 minutes after that. I slowed down a little after I passed the Water Pumping station so that I could take in the sights and the sounds of the jungle, such as the bamboo shoots creaking and the  leaves rustling in the wind. The trek itself turned out to be thoroughly enjoyable although I had underestimated the distance, overestimated the difficulty, and was extremely disappointed at not having enough time to have been able to push on to the peak. I guess Nuang's summit will just have to wait for another day.. 

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