Stirling Ridge Walk - Day 1

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The Campsite on the Saddle

As we reached the campsite on the saddle, I was glad to find that there were trees there that were large enough to support the hammock and that there was also plenty of flat ground for all the tents. This point lay about 4.5km from the trail turnoff from the boundary road. Shortly after having set up the hammock, I made my way back up to the Northern Ridge to some small knolls that would give a decent viewpoint as the sun set.

Hennessy Hammock Setup

As the intervalometer on my Nikon D7000 fired away at regular intervals, the clicking of the shutter seemed to slowly fade away as the warm colours of the sun flared up to highlight the contours of the rolling hills ahead. The shadows of the hills grew longer as the sun began to set and its light began to diminish. Just as it disappeared behind the horizon, a blast of light briefly hit the canopy of clouds above before evanescently giving way to the darkness of the night.

Ineffable beauty such as this always seems to leave me thinking of those I hold close to my heart..


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