Mount Stong, Mount Ayam, and Mount Baha


I also noticed that there was a gross overestimation of trekking times (and difficulties!) from point to point from both the guides as well as online sources. For example,

1) Baha Camp to Sungai Rantai (CP1) was estimated to take 60-90 minutes but it took us only 22 minutes.
2) Sungai Rantai (CP1) to Benta Balak (crossroads) was estimated to take 60-90 minutes but it took us only 25 minutes.
3) Benta Balak to Sungai Baha (CP3) was estimated to take 60-90 minutes but it took us only 15 minutes.
4) Baha Camp to the peak of Mount Ayam was estimated to take 6 hours but it took us only 3 hours.

The times that were given must have been based on the times that the slower, unfit trekkers take. I just wanted to point this out as the estimated times that were given were so conservative as to be almost unrealistic. 

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