Tok Nenek, Bubu, Yong Yap (TNBYY) - Day 2


To Tok Nenek

I woke up to the sound of the camp slowly stirring from their slumber. The comfort of the hammock allowed me to get some decent sleep the night before which turned out to be very reinvigorating. The upcoming trek also gave me a lot to look forward to since the group was unable to make the peak the day before like was planned so were to instead head up to the summit of Mount Tok Nenek, then head down and back up to the summit of Mount Bubu all in the same day. 

Breaking Camp

After breakfast, which consisted of a small portion of scrambled eggs and sausages, we set off due north-west again heading for the summit of Mount Tok Nenek. We were told that after we reached the summit we would have a short stop at the 'Last Water Point' and that we would need to stock up on water there as there would be no source of water until after the summit of Yong Yap the next day!

After a short and relentless ascent, we reached a point where we had to descend a vertical drop with the assistance of a rope that had been fixed in place. It was very easy to descend as knots had been fixed in place for holds although the bulk of the backpack meant that you had to adjust to the shift of the center of balance. We also noticed around this point that there was a gradual change of the surrounding vegetation from tropical rainforest-like plants to the mossy-like constituents of montane forests the more we ascended. Even though we were then at much higher altitudes with much cooler temperatures, it had yet to reach the point where it would be considered a cloud forest. By that time we had ascended 347 metres in an hour and a half. 

The path from that point on wound around a cliff-face on our right. The cliff itself looked to have a few potential bouldering sections that I would have attempted had we not found ourselves lacking for time. 

Before Setting Off

Hiking up to Tok Nenek

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