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EBC Day 03 - Boudhanath & Pashupatinath

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TIMS (Trekkers' Information Management System) Card

I had decided to head to the TIMS office as early as possible in order to obtain my TIMS card as my main reason for being in Nepal was to go trekking. I also wanted to get it over with so that I could enjoy Kathmandhu without it weighing on my mind. So after extending my stay in the hotel for another night - I gave USD10 and received NPR170 in change (which would mean that it come up to about MYR24) - and after my compulsory morning coffee which cost NPR30 (MYR1) at my favourite Newa Mo:mo Restaurant, I went in search for a mountain bike to rent. Read more


EBC Day 02 - Kathmandhu's Durbar Square

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Bustling Kathmandhu

I woke up early to the noises of bustling Kathmandhu. Fortunately the Annapurna Guesthouse that I was staying in was located off the main road and as such was a lot quieter than most of the other guesthouses. Later on was I to realize that the Nepalese start their day very early (normally around 05:00-06:00) as the sun rises and sets early here at this time of year. The first thing I did after I left the guesthouse was to head to the nearest shop and buy a map of the city which ended up costing a ridiculous NPR500 (MYR17)! Read more


EBC Day 01 - Kathmandhu Arrival

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Kathmandhu Arrival

The Airasia flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kathmandhu that I had purchased cost only MYR579 (including the airport tax) however the return flight came up to a total of MYR780. This was because I had taken quite some time to finalise my itinerary and as such ended up booking the return flight much later on. The flight itself was fairly uneventful, an Airbus 330-300 that remained between 10000 and 11500 metres with a speed of 780 km/h for the most part. One thing I did notice however that was out of the ordinary was the fact Read more
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