ABC Day 02 - Nayapul to Ulleri

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Ulleri (elevation : 1960m) was fairly stretched out and had multiple places to stay lined out in a long stretch. The alley passed them by one by one, and it seemed as if they had all been laid out just for us to pick and choose. Purnima guesthouse, a bright and colourful building, lay almost at the end, and I was very glad to finally be able to be rid of the two heavy backpacks.

*Dinner was dhal bhat and cost NPR500, whereas accommodation for the night was NPR400/2 for the shared room.

ulleri thistle

Wild thistle (Cirsium verutum)

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End of Day 2 Expenditure (NPR)*

Permits: 0

Transport: 670

Medical: 0

Supplies: 0

Food: 900

Accommodation: 200


* Excluding the cost of the flights to and from Nepal


: 8260

: 1179

: 895

: 1800

: 1350

: 1477

: 14961 

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