Western Arthurs Day 10 & 11 : Lake Rosanne - Wullyawa Creek - Scott's Peak Dam

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We left fairly early that morning, our spirit dampened by the rain. We came upon multiple river crossings every couple of hundred metres until at least the first two kilometres of the trail, before finding ourselves plunging into a complex forest-maze of sorts. The entire area was just a huge tangle of branches, roots, and vines, that completely engulfed the faint path that lead Westwards.

Leaving Wullyawa Creek

As we emerged from the forest, we saw visible evapotranspiration completely surrounding us and it seemed as if every tuft of green had whispy tentacles that reached up to the sky. The drizzle began again but this time remained fairly relentless and didn't seem to want to let up. Trudging onwards watching our boots, with the pitter-patter of rain drumming the hoods of our raincoats basically summed up the rest of the day, all the way to Junction Creek and Scott's Peak Dam - such a bleak end to such an epic hike!

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