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Lake Rosanne

Just before reaching Lucifer Ridge, the track veered off to the right to head Eastwards along and down the lower South side of the ridge instead, through vegetation and scree. We passed a couple of trail markers here before carrying on Eastwards to traverse the lower South sides of the ridge. The trail took us through some heavy scrub that was fairly overgrown, forcing us to push our way through for a while, with parts that reminded me of rainforest hikes in Malaysia. Just when we were starting to feel as if we had had enough, the trail opened up into (much appreciated) fields of button grass (Gymnoschoenus sphaerocephalus).

Lake Rosanne

Lake Rosanne

Lake Rosanne lay just below us on the left but we had to walk on past the lake before the trail met the junction that (when turning left) lead along the moraine that runs along the East side of the lake. If one were to carry on walking Eastwards past the junction along Lucifer Ridge, one would link up to Pass Creek and onwards to the Eastern Arthurs. The track then branched off to the left further along the moraine and descended down to the Southern shore of the lake and the campsite below.

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