Zombie Run Malaysia 2013

The Plan

After weeks of counting down to the big day, my team, which consists of two of my brothers, Omar and Aidan, my good friend Andy and his brother Raimy (and of course myself) - a team that was also aptly named as 'The Band of Brothers', rushed to the Canyon Paintball Park in Bukit Utama well prepared to give Wave 4 of the run our best shot! After registering our team at the registration tent, we were given blue bibs that had small red triangles velcroed to the back that represented the 'lives' that we had remaining. Team captains were given more and had the ability to resurrect their fallen teammates by just transferring any spare 'lives' that they had. The layout of the venue had been released beforehand so we then grouped together to go over the tactics that we had thought up beforehand.

Zombie Run Layout

Before the run we had decided that we were going to sprint straight for Zone 4 and 5, then work our way back through Zone 1 and head through Zone 3 and 2 before reaching the Holding Zone. The rationale behind this was purely economical as we were trying to ensure that if we required access to the Zombie Market, it would be somewhere that we would have had to run through anyway to get back to the start. This meant that if we required access to the Zombie Market in order to use the Zombify perk after the first two zones, we would only have to go through zone 4, zone 5, then the Market, then through zone 1 and back to the Holding zone. Then we would have to go back through zone 1,  2 and 3, then back through zone 1 to finish off at the Holding zone rather than having to go through zone 1, zone 2, back to zone 1, then to zone 5 to get to the Market. Then back to zone 1 to get to the Holding zone and back again to get through zone 3, then zone 1 to get to zone 4, and back through zone 1 to finish off at the Holding zone. The time and distance taken for the latter would have far surpassed that of the former. 

We were also aware that there were several types of zombies that were to move differently. 'Stumbler Zombies' were described as being "zombies that stumble, crawl, shamble, etc like normal zombies. Usually will be in strategic places to snatch lives away since they are not limber. Slow, but dangerous in groups". 'Chaser Zombies' on the other hand were described as being "running zombies that chase you till your health strap is in their hands. Beware of them, you might be able to outrun one of them.. but against a pack, your best bet is a miracle" so we knew beforehand that different tactics may be required depending on the type of zombies that we were to eventually encounter.


The Band of Brothers pre-run. Courtesy of Andy Saiden

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