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Mountains of Indonesia

Presenting Indonesia's Ultras over 2500m!

I decided to narrow the list of Indonesian mountains to just the main prominent peaks, and felt that taking into account their prominence (or 'independence' if you will) was the best way to do so. Since ultra-prominent peaks, or 'Ultras', are considered peaks that have a topographic prominence of 1500m or more, I decided to remove any peak lower than that, and maintained the elevation cut-off at 2500m for an O2 sat of <75% at the summit. This reduced the final list of mountains to a total of 46 peaks, and omitted some significant peaks such as Bukit Raya, which is the highest peak in Kalimantan and one of Indonesia's 'Seven Summits'.

* Prominence is defined as the "height of a mountain's summit by the vertical distance between it and the lowest contour line encircling it but containing no higher summit within it", and has been described as an "objective measurement that is strongly correlated with the subjective significance of a summit". Since peaks with high prominence are either the highest point on a massif or an isolated peak, they also tend to have the best views!

Peak Locations

The positions of the mountains in the table below have been verified with Geoname, and the prominence has been determined using algorithms on Google Fusion Tables that were developed by Andrew Kirmse [The data can now be accessed here since Google Fusion Tables was discontinued in the end of 2019].

R: GPX files for GPS devices (right click and save link as)
G: Position and details from the Geoname placename

RankMountainΔ (m)Prom. (m)LocationIslandCompleted
01Puncak Jaya (Carstensz Pyramid)48844840PapuaNew GuineaR / G
02Puncak Mandala47602722PapuaNew GuineaR / G
03Angemuk39491526PapuaNew GuineaR / G
04Kerinci (Indrapura)38053774JambiSumateraR / G
05Rinjani37263681Nusa Tenggara BaratLombokR / G
06Semeru (Mahameru)36763661Jawa TimurJavaR / G
07Undundi-Wandandi36401716PapuaNew GuineaR / G
08Pergunungan Weyland34802202PapuaNew GuineaR / G
09Leuser34662922AcehSumateraR / G
10Rantemario (Latimojong)34403428Sulawesi SelatanSulawesiR / G
11Slamet34283266Jawa TengahJavaR / G
12Sumbing33712565Jawa TengahJavaR / G
13Deyjay33401508PapuaNew GuineaR / G
14Arjuna33392782Jawa TimurJavaR / G
15Raung33322999Jawa TimurJavaR / G
16Lawu32653093Jawa TimurJavaR / G
17Dempo31732425Sumatera SelatanSumateraR / G
18Sindoro31501755Jawa TengahJavaR / G
19Merbabu31452406Jawa TengahJavaR / G
20Argopuro30882725Jawa TimurJavaR / G
21Mugajah30791795AcehSumateraR / G
22Cereme30782754Jawa BaratJavaR / G
23Gandadiwata30742130Sulawesi BaratSulawesiR / G
24Agung30312995BaliBaliR / G
25Sojol30302539Sulawesi TengahSulawesiR / G
26Binaiya30273024MalukuSeramR / G
27Pangrango30192414Jawa BaratJavaR / G
28Balease (Tolangi)30161576Sulawesi SelatanSulawesiR / G
29Bandahara30121626AcehSumateraR / G
30Arfak (Umsini)29552761Papua BaratNew GuineaR / G
31Masurai29331780JambiSumateraR / G
32Talamau (Ophir)29192295Sumatera BaratSumateraR / G
33Marapi28912110Sumatera BaratSumateraR / G
34Geureudong28851536AcehSumateraR / G
35Singgalang28771703Sumatera BaratSumateraR / G
36Moncong Lompobatang28742836Sulawesi SelatanSulawesiR / G
37Kandela28702242Sulawesi TengahSulawesiR / G
38Butak28681643Jawa TimurJavaR / G
39Tambora28512696Nusa Tenggara BaratSumbawaR / G
40Patah28501623Sumatera SelatanSumateraR / G
41Cikuray28212080Jawa BaratJavaR / G
42Kapalatmada27002698MalukuBuruR / G
43Mekongga26502203Sulawesi TenggaraSulawesiR / G
44Pompangeo25902242Sulawesi TengahSulawesiR / G
45Tumpu25652024Sulawesi TengahSulawesiR / G
46Ngliman25632113Jawa TimurJavaR / G

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