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Mountains of Malaysia

Mountains Climbed : 6/51

This compilation came about after I decided to tweak the original list of mountains that I have been using over the past few years, and to narrow it down to just the main prominent peaks, and felt that taking into account their prominence* (or 'independence' if you will) was the best way to do so. The two international mountain classification criterions that I use are P1500 (also known as ultra-prominent peaks, or 'Ultras', which are marked in white in the table below) and P600, which are mountains that have topographical prominence of at least 1500m and 600m respectively.

I also maintained the elevation cut-off at 1400m for an O2 sat of <85% at the summit. This reduced the final list of mountains to a total of 51 peaks, and some significant peaks like Korbu and Gayong, as well as the twin pinnacles of Batu Lawi have been omitted. Ten of the peaks are ultras.

* Prominence is defined as the "height of a mountain's summit by the vertical distance between it and the lowest contour line encircling it but containing no higher summit within it", and has been described as an "objective measurement that is strongly correlated with the subjective significance of a summit". Since peaks with high prominence are either the highest point on a massif or an isolated peak, they also tend to have the best views!

Peak Locations

Both the positions of the mountains and the states that they are located in have been verified with Geoname, and the prominence has been determined using algorithms on Google Fusion Tables that were developed by Andrew Kirmse [The data can now be accessed here since Google Fusion Tables was discontinued in the end of 2019].

R: GPX files for GPS devices (right click and save link as)
G: Position and details from the Geoname placename

RankMountain (Rating)Δ (m)Prom. (m)LocationStateCompleted
01Kinabalu (4.8)40954095Crocker RangeSabah27 10 2018 R / G
02Trus Madi26421683Trus Madi RangeSabah R / G
03Tambayukon2579836Crocker RangeSabah R / G
04Murud24232013Kelabit HighlandsSarawak R / G
05Mulu23762013MuluSarawak R / G
06Tahan21872120Taman NegaraKelantan/Pahang R / G
07Yong Belar (4.0)21811973Titiwangsa RangeKelantan/Perak15 06 2013 R / G
08Chamah21711027Gua MusangKelantan R / G
09Yong Yap : TNBYY (4.6) / v2 / v32168607Titiwangsa RangeKelantan/Perak11 02 2013 R / G
10Ulu Sepat2161764TemenggorKelantan/Perak R / G
11Batu Putih2131962TapahPerak R / G
12Irau (3.4) : xJerging2110641Cameron HighlandsPahang/Perak12 05 2013 R / G
13Benom21071941JerantutPahang R / G
14Apad Runan2103958Kelabit HighlandsSarawak R / G
15Gerah : xGBB (5.0)2103894Titiwangsa RangeKelantan/Perak08 10 2018 R / G
16Muruk Miau2077615Kelabit HighlandsSarawak R / G
17Berembun (Wray's)2076680Cameron HighlandsPahang/Perak R / G
18Bukit Batu20121560KapitSarawak R / G
19Wakid2000940TambunanSabah R / G
20Lumaku1953887Crocker RangeSabah R / G
21Bukit Batu Iran1935741Kelabit HighlandsSarawak R / G
22Liang19331002Tanjung MalimPahang/Perak R / G
23Noring1889773Ulu PerakKelantan/Perak R / G
24Bintang18621546KulimKedah/Perak R / G
25Bukit Pagon1861902Brunei BorderSarawak R / G
26Basor1838617JeliKelantan/Perak R / G
27Semangkok : xSemangkok1824623Kuala Kubu BaruPahang/Selangor R / G
28Inas1801825KulimKedah R / G
29Lotung17761313Maliau RangeSabah R / G
30Ulu Kali1772907Genting HighlandsPahang/Selangor R / G
31Besar1749632Sungai SiputPerak R / G
32Monkobo17401232Maliau RangeSabah R / G
33Chabang1711717Simpang PulaiPerak R / G
34Bubu16571470Kuala KangsarPerak R / G
35Nungkok1652618Crocker RangeSabah R / G
36Murud Kecil16151020Kelabit HighlandsSarawak R / G
37Mount Benarat1585738MuluSarawak R / G
38Bukit Kalulong15731130Long SelatongSarawak R / G
39Kanyi15661536SematanSarawak R / G
40Rabong1538954Gua MusangKelantan R / G
41Ulu Titi Basah1533862TemenggorPerak R / G
42Lawit15191287Hulu TerengganuTerengganu R / G
43Tapis15121201Sg. LembingPahang R / G
44Mount Nuang (4.6)1493816Ulu LangatPahang/Selangor23 02 2013 R / G
45Mentapok1481618Maliau RangeSabah R / G
46Bedong1469752Cameron HighlandsKelantan/Pahang R / G
47Bedong1469752Cameron HighlandsKelantan/Pahang R / G
48Besar Hantu1462661JelebuN.Sembilan/Pahang R / G
49Mandi Angin14601312DungunTerengganu R / G
50Hijau1448863TaipingPerak R / G
51Luis1426745Maliau RangeSabah R / G

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