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Mount Berembun (Cameron Highlands)

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Mount Berembun

Mount Berembun (elevation : 1840m) is one of the more interesting mountains to climb in Cameron Highlands as there are plenty of trails (most of which are shown in the image below) to choose from that start at different points around town. The fact that it is also the closest summit to one of the only camping spots that is readily available in this area, Sungai Pauh Campsite (also known as the Forestry Department campsite), makes it especially convenient for hikers. Read more

Cameron Highlands

Pauh Campsite - Mount Jasar - Mount Berembun Mount Brinchang - Mount Irau

Cameron Highlands

Cameron Highlands (Chinese: 金马崙高原, Tamil: கேமரன் மலை) is Malaysia's largest hill-station area, and with an elevation that ranges from 1300m to 1800m and a mean annual temperature of about 18 °C, is famous for its cool weather and huge tea plantations that decorate its rolling hills. The area was named after William Cameron, an explorer who mapped the area back in 1885. Read more