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Pisang Waterfall

The hike to Pisang waterfall is a quick and easy excursion that is not too far from the centre of Kuala Lumpur. The hike follows the Pisang river and as a result, has almost no elevation gain. This makes it perfect for beginner hikers or just for those who are looking for an easy weekend getaway. Its accessibility does unfortunately mean that the number of people that are likely to be encountered will be higher than Read more

Chiling Waterfall

Chiling Fish Sanctuary was established by the Selangor Fisheries Department in 2005 in order to create a protected area for several species of carps (family Cyprinidae), including the Malayan mahseer (Tor tambroides), known as 'Ikan Kelah' in Malay, and the near-threatened Copper mahseer (Neolissochilus hexagonolepis), or 'Ikan Tengas'. Both these fish fetch very high market prices (the 'Empurau' for instance Read more

Waterfalls of Langkawi

Telaga Tujuh Waterfall is Langkawi's most well-known waterfall. The waterfall's name means "Seven Wells" in English, and is derived from a series of seven interconnected pools that are located on its upper level. The waterfall is located on the slopes of Mount Mat Chinchang and lies along a demarcation area between the Machinchang Formation, which consists mainly of sandstone and shale, and Mount Raya Read more

Lepoh Waterfall

Lepoh Waterfall is a relatively small waterfall, but the cascades and the rock formation that it runs over make it a fairly attractive one. The waterfall is located in the forest of Ulu Langat, and lies just three kilometres to the west-south-west of the summit of Nuang. Before we go on, please jot down the numbers that are listed below. If you do see any suspicious behaviour when out hiking, encounter things Read more

Jerangkang Waterfall

Jerangkang Waterfall makes up a gorgeous series of cascades and turquoise pools that, in my opinion, is far more worthwhile than its nearby sibling, Berkelah Waterfall. Although you will find huge crowds at the lower levels of both waterfalls, the upper levels of Jerangkang seem to be relatively devoid of people and as such, are far cleaner. Before we go on, please jot down the numbers that are listed below. If you Read more

Doi Inthanon

Determined to make it to Doi Inthanon, Thailand's highest peak, we made our way north to the Chang Pheuk Station first thing in the morning. Locating a songthaew that was bound for Chom Thong district was very straightforward as they were apparently fairly frequent. The songthaew departed almost immediately for the two-hour journey south and only ended up costing THB35 per person. The journey was along Read more