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Jebak Puyuh Caves

The Jebak Puyuh (Malay: Quail Trap) Cave Complex is something of a hidden gem. The largest caves here may not be as big as those found in the Senyum Cave Complex, but they do take a bit more effort to get to and are thus left relatively untouched. Bear in mind that you will not find signs, well-trodden pathways, and metal stairwells that will help you gain access to the caves, and you will often-times have to push Read more

Cave Fauna

The Senyum Cave Complex is surrounded by an ecosystem that supports the greatest diversity of living organisms on Earth--the rainforest. These rainforests are lowland dipterocarp forests, which are just one type of many, and alone can have up to 2000 different species of plants and trees. There is one species that can be found next to the trail on the north-eastern sector of the Senyum cave complex, that Read more

Senyum Caves

Senyum Caves (Malay: Gua Senyum) are a network of large chambers and caves that lie scattered around the periphery of a fairly large limestone complex. The complex is one of two, the other being the Jebak Puyuh cave complex, that lie within the north-western limits of the Jengka Forest Reserve. The two complexes are surrounded by palm oil plantations and have a swath of lowland forest separating Read more

Crazy Horse Buttress

We made our way, bright and early, out of Chiang Mai's Tha Phae Gate (East Gate) and eastwards to Warorot Market (ตลาดวโรรส), the point where the yellow songthaews that made their way to Mae On District for the buttress of Crazy Horse supposedly waited. We hadn't had much time at all to see the city since we had arrived in Chiang Mai late the day before, but that hadn't left me discouraged in the slightest as we Read more

Krabi Day 09 & 10 - Thaiwand Wall Cave & Sunset

We made our way back to the Thaiwand Wall Cave with the specific intent to climb up to the mouth of the cave, haul everything up, and then descend through the cave to the other side. This was something that we had planned to do on the previous trip to Thaiwand Wall but had unfortunately run out of daylight. The cave itself can be accessed from either end although the cave opening on the Thaiwand Wall Read more