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Tropical Monsoon


Similan Islands

The Similan Islands (Thai: หมู่เกาะสิมิลัน) are a group of nine small islands that are located in the Andaman Sea, just 70 kilometres off the coast of mainland Thailand. The number of islands are what give them their name, as 'sembilan' means nine in the Malay language. These islands are encompassed by the Mu Ko Similan National Park, which was expanded in 1998 to include two islands located a little further away, Read more

Langkawi's Giants

Langkawi is occasionally referred to as 'Malaysia's Legendary Island' due to the many legends that surround its sights. The legends that visitors to the island are most likely to encounter are Mahsuri's seven-generation curse and the fairies of Telaga Tujuh waterfall. There are far more, however, one of which is the legend of Langkawi's ancient geological formations. Legend has it that the mountains of Langkawi used Read more

Waterfalls of Langkawi

Telaga Tujuh Waterfall is Langkawi's most well-known waterfall. The waterfall's name means "Seven Wells" in English, and is derived from a series of seven interconnected pools that are located on its upper level. The waterfall is located on the slopes of Mount Mat Chinchang and lies along a demarcation area between the Machinchang Formation, which consists mainly of sandstone and shale, and Mount Raya Read more


Langkawi is an archipelago in the Andaman Sea that consists of more than a hundred islands that are blanketed in 10-million-year-old rainforests and smatterings of barren rock that poke through the vast tree canopy. The rock formations that can be found here consist mainly of hard granite that make up the spine of the main island and give rise to both Mount Raya (elevation : 881 m) and Sawar Hill, as well as much older Read more

Ijen Crater

It was still very early in the morning when I clambered into the sweltering bus that was heading to Banyuwangi from the Ubung bus terminal in Bali. Still bleary-eyed from the lack of sleep, I paid the IDR850k for the bus ticket - a rate that seems to have been standardised amongst all the bus services, and included the cost of the ferry from Gilimanuk to Ketapang - and squeezed my way through the narrow rows trying Read more

Krabi Day 09 & 10 - Thaiwand Wall Cave & Sunset

We made our way back to the Thaiwand Wall Cave with the specific intent to climb up to the mouth of the cave, haul everything up, and then descend through the cave to the other side. This was something that we had planned to do on the previous trip to Thaiwand Wall but had unfortunately run out of daylight. The cave itself can be accessed from either end although the cave opening on the Thaiwand Wall Read more