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Tag: Railay

Krabi Day 09 & 10 - Thaiwand Wall Cave & West Railay Sunset

Krabi Day 9

Thaiwand Wall Cave

We made our way back to the Thaiwand Wall Cave with the specific intent to climb up to the mouth of the cave, haul everything up, and then descend through the cave to the other side. This was something that we had planned to do on the previous trip to Thaiwand Wall but had unfortunately run out of daylight. Read more

Krabi Day 07 & 08 - Railay Lagoon & Phi Phi Island

Krabi Day 7

Monkey Madness!

I woke up pretty early that day so after purchasing two cans of Birdee robusta coffee (THB20 each), I made my way over to West Railay to pass the time. There are several ways to get across with most of them passing through alleys and paths until they merge with Walking Street. They are used quite frequently by both tourists and the locals alike and almost everyone can direct you if you have any uncertainties. Read more

Krabi Day 05 & 06 - Kayaking & Thaiwand Wall

Krabi Day 5

Kayaking Railay West

I made my way to Railay West after having purchased my two cans of daily Birdie robusta coffee (THB20 each) with Cass and Jamie who were both eager to kayak having missed out the chance the year before. The weather was overcast with barely any sun visible which in my opinion is perfect for a day of kayaking since being in a kayak leaves one so exposed. The rates for kayak rental were THB200 for the first hour with an additional THB100 for every hour after that (same for both double and triple-seaters). Read more

Krabi Day 03 & 04 - Muay Thai Wall & Songkran

Krabi Day 3

Muay Thai Wall

After my compulsory dose of caffeine (THB20 for each can of Birdy robusta coffee), we made our way towards the pathway that takes one to Phra Nang beach but turned left at the end instead to the climbing walls of 'Muay Thai' and '123'. It was high tide at the time however which meant that the '123' wall was not accessible so we instead walked up the short incline to 'Muay Thai'. We found the area to be fairly crowded at first but the crowds slowly moved down to '123' once the tide started to go down. Read more

Krabi Day 01 & 02 - Ao Nang & Phra Nang

Krabi Day 1

Krabi Arrival

The return airfare for this adventure trip - so called as it involves a myriad of different outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, kayaking, snorkeling  and (potentially) scuba diving – had only amounted to a meagre sum of MYR161 (THB1600) as the airfare had been purchased during one of Air Asia's wonderful promotions sometime last year. Read more