ACT Day 03 - Tal to Danakyu

Annapurna Hotel

We reached the town of Bagarchap (elevation : 2160 m) not too long after. We continued right through Bagarchap, but along the road after the town (15.5 km mark), we spotted another red & white marker that followed a right branch off of the main road. We followed the NATT route which brought us to a rope bridge, but the locals that were also heading in that direction told us that the path led to Timang (elevation : 2650 m). We had passed a few other trekkers on the road earlier on, so were eager to stop at Danakyu (elevation : 2250 m) instead of Timang. That way there would be more room to negotiate with the owners of the guesthouses as well as no 'chatter' from other trekkers. So we climbed back up to the building above the trail, which was a settlement that was apparently called Quiche, and continued following the road to Danakyu.

We reached Danakyu shortly after, and found the guesthouse that was called 'Annapurna Hotel' to be perfect. The hosts went out of their way to make sure that we were happy: there was no room charge once again, and there was free hot water, electricity and excellent dhal bhat (NPR470) that also included doubled up papad and some scrambled eggs. No one else was around, so that night was the fourth night where we had the entire place to ourselves!

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