Personal Emergency Preparedness

Recently I have been wondering what my chances of survival would be if I was thrown unprepared in a survival scenario. These scenarios could be as varied as a boat sinking in the middle of the Pacific, a helicopter crashing over a dense tropical forest, hanging one-handed from a small ledge off a sheer cliff thousands of meters high, or even a nuclear fallout.

I haven't been completely satisfied with the odds that I have given myself so have embarked on a quest to increase them. I determined that these odds directly boil down to the following factors :

  • Access to Survival Kits
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Knowledge Acquisition
  • Mental Fortitude


After scouring the posts, comments and articles by the online survivalist community (and a lot of help and ideas from Youtube's Nutnfancy), I have decided to build what I like to call a Personal Emergency Preparedness Kit. This kit will be somewhat similar to a lot of Bug-out Kits that can be found out there but will have a more modular design comprising of 2 main kits (Medical and Survival), that can also be broken down into smaller, more specialized, modules. I decided to expand the Medical Kit to a larger 'Level 2' kit that would be able to allow myself (and others) to provide First Responder Assistance to not just myself but also to those around me.

Kit Contents

These are the items that I plan to include :


  • PROTECTION MODULE Surgical Masks, Gloves, CPR Face Shield
  • IRRIGATION MODULE Alcohol Swabs, Hand Sanitizer*, Irrigation Syringe, Saline Solution, Dry Powder Spray
  • BANDAGE MODULE 1 Antiseptic Plasters, Non-antiseptic Plasters, Butterfly Strips, Blister Pads
  • BANDAGE MODULE 2 Gauze Swabs 10x10, Gauze Swabs 7.5x7.5, Eye Pad, Paraffin Gauze Dressings, Waterproof Film Dressings
  • BANDAGE MODULE 3 Elastic Conforming Bandages, Medical Tape
  • SUPPORT MODULE Cravat Bandage, Crepe Bandage, SAM Splint*
  • SWABS MODULE Cotton Buds, Insect Bites Swab*, Burn Swab, Muscle Ache Swab, Tiger Balm*
  • PHARMACEUTICAL MODULE Ultracarbon, Alucid, Diarrhea Medicine*, Paracetamol, Ibuprofen, Antihistamine
  • BLOOD STOPPER MODULE Blood Clotter*, CAT Tourniquet
  • MEDICAL TOOLS Digital Thermometer, Flat-head Tweezers, Scissors
  • DOCUMENTATION Notebook & Pen, Field Guide of Wilderness & Rescue Medicine
  • MISCELLANEOUS Emergency Blanket, Rehydration Tablet, Rash Relief Cream



  • POWER MODULE Olympus OM-D E-M1, Extra Batteries, Powerbank & Cables, Kindle Paperwhite
  • LIGHT MODULE Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp, LED Lenser P7.2, Blinker, Candle*, Flare*
  • SAFETY MODULE Leatherman Freestyle, Suunto Ambit, Adventurer Opti Water Purifier, GPS unit, SPOT Connect Satellite Communicator
  • CPR MODULE Gloves, Alcohol Swabs, CPR Shield



  • TOOL MODULE Survival knife, Multitool, Rescue Cutter, Wire Saw, Suunto A-10 Orienteering compass, CRKT Mini Spork
  • SIGNALLING MODULE Whistle, Signalling Mirror, Permanent Marker
  • FIRE MODULE Flint, Flintbar Firestarter, Lighter
  • PROTECTION MODULE Emergency Blanket
  • HYDRATION MODULE Water Treatment Tablets*, Non-Lubricated Condoms, Twist Ties
  • REPAIR KIT Duct Tape, Cable Ties, Safety Pins, Sewing Needle, Thread, Paracord Bracelet
  • FISHING MODULE Fishing Line, Fishing Hooks, Swivels, Sinkers, Bobbers*
  • COMFORT MODULE Eye covers, Ear plugs


*Items that have yet to be obtained

Personal Emergency Preparedness Kit


I have decided to get the Blackhawk Medic Roll that was recommended by Nutnfancy as it provides quick access to the contents of the kit when needed. The pouches are also transparent which allows you to get a good look as to what is inside.

According to the reviews I have read, the capacity is more than sufficient for what I will be needing. The roll is apparently also very, very durable. I was also looking for something that could match the modular black military rucksacks that incorporate molle webbings. I ordered the Medic Roll through OpticsPlanet and it cost USD$29.49.

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