Tok Nenek, Bubu, Yong Yap (TNBYY) - Day 2


Tok Nenek Peak

The climb up to the peak of Mount Tok Nenek from then on was relatively brief. With an elevation of 1904 m, the views that we were greeted with were nothing short of breathtaking! The clouds and fog kept on rolling in and obscuring the views however but we did on occasion get little peaks of the other mountains along the Titiwangsa range.

The peak itself had a fairly unique shape which explains the name, which means Mount Grandfather & Grandmother, where apparently the locals had a myth where an elderly couple ran up the mountain and gave it its shape. The south-east point that I had ascended had a rocky outcrop where we sat to take photographs. In order to reach that point, one would have to take a precarious passage with a sheer drop on the side that wound up to the top following a clockwise direction. There was also a fairly strong wind at points that seemed to be bothering the others in the group.

I also spent some time on the summit taking a lot of photos to stitch together to make a 360 degree panorama which ended up turning out fairly well. It was just a shame that the clouds had obscured the rest of the mountain range at that time. Shortly after that I joined the rest of the group that were up on the north-west point.

360 Panorama

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