Yangshuo Day 07 – White Mountain & The Egg

The Egg

We made our way back to the Yangshuo-Puyi road and turned left at the road that lay just up the road . The road first passed the crag of 'Tuo Bei Shan' on its right before making its way west for just over half a kilometre, passing farms whilst being flanked by karst towers to the south. The crag known as 'the Egg' lay at the end of the path, but to access it we had to first circumnavigate it anti-clockwise and climb up to the belay ledges via its northern face.

The Egg has a decent choice of climbing on three sides of the tower, so climbers are able to move around it depending on where the shade is. We encountered a group climbing at the northern face, so we instead continued to edge our way along the slopes and towards the north-east face instead. There were several caves that we had to walk through to get there, and after sizing up the areas for belaying (some were on ledges), we squeezed in the final few climbs of our trip.

Climbing at the egg

Climbing at the egg; the caves that we had to walk through

The karst landscape reflected off the water. The towering 6-pitch (4, 4, 4+, 6a+, 6b, 4+) crag of 'Tuo Bei Shan' can be seen on the right

Rows of banana trees

Rows of banana trees (Musa sp.)

We made our way back to the main road once again as the sun began to set, and managed to flag down a taxi (CNY8 per person) that was willing to bring us all the way back to Yangshuo.

** Dinner that night cost CNY17 and the early bus the next morning from Yangshuo to the Guilin airport cost CNY50 **

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