Topo: Mountain Quarry

Mountain Quarry

Mountain Quarry is located in Greenmount National Park and is one of the most well-developed outdoor sports climbing crags within Perth's vicinity. There are numerous bolted routes spread out over several walls. There are also a few trad routes located here.

Getting There

The quarry is located on the North side of Coulston Road, which (when coming from Midland) you turn into from Scott Street just before the Goat Farm MTB Park. Shortly after passing the turning into Hudman Road, you should see the entrance to the car park on your left.

Directions to Mountain Quarry

There is a combination-locked gate that leads from the carpark into the quarry. The code for the combination lock can be obtained from the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) by calling 08 9290 6100. If you either can't call or can't get through to DPaW, the quarry is still accessible by foot and is just a short walk from the car park.

The bolted sport routes in Mountain Quarry (as well as in most sport climbing crags in Australia) use what is known as 'Carrot Bolts'. These bolts are basically your standard 10mm machine bolts with a slight taper at the end. In order to use them however, you need to bring your own bolt plates. The bolt plates are slipped over the bolt head and then swivelled so that the bolt is secured in the 'slot' of the bolt plate. Once your quickdraw is clipped into the hole that the bolt head was initially slipped through, the bolt plate is 'secured' and is unlikely to come off the carrot bolt unless you are using 'thin quickdraws'. The bolt plates are normally carried in the chalk bag for convenience. Bear in mind that you may need to bring a few extra bolt plates up as they are easily dropped, and don't lean out when using carrot bolts as they are known to not have good outward strength.

Carrot Bolts at Mountain Quarry

360 Panorama

...and a little planet just for fun!

Mountain Quarry Little Planet

Interactive Location Map

Clicking on each crag will bring you to its respective topo

Woomera Wall
Playboy Area
The Black Bay
Mullup Buttress
Fuzzbucky Wall
Main Wall
Skywalker Wall
Hang Ten Buttress

Woomera Wall


01 City Limits* Sport 15m 26
02 Project Sport 15m Project
03 Space Monkey Sport 15m 28
04 Project Sport 15m Project
05 Choad Warrior** Sport 15m 27
06 Going for Broker Sport 15m 19

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Playboy Area



01 Playmate** Sport 16m 22
02 Playmate Direct** Sport 16m 21
03 Playboy* Trad 28m 17
04 Playboy Variant Trad 28m 19
05 Hustler Sport 22m 21
06 Penthouse Sport 28m 18
07 Aerobics with Alan** Sport 20m 15
08 Plantaganet Sport 25m 14
09 Placeholder Sport 25m 13
10 Black Slab Sport 25m 12
11 Player Sport 20m 10
12 Red Back* Sport 25m 14
13 Caught in the Act Sport 15m 14
14 Paternity Test* Sport 14m 13
15 First Date Sport 14m 10
16 Bumble Aye* Sport 12m 16
17 Bumble Bee* Sport 12m 17
18 Bumble Sea Sport 11m 11

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The Black Bay

Black Bay

01 Turbodiesel Excavator Sport 16m 19
02 Crazy Horse* Sport 16m 22
03 Vombatia* Sport 15m 24
04 Month of Sundays** Unknown 25m 25
05 Shake, Rattle & Roll Sport 20m 23
06 Split Personality Unknown 20m 21
07 Split Personality Direct Mixed 20m 17
08 Vital Link Trad 25m 21
09 The Ride of the Valkyries Sport 25m 18
10 Roar Pleasure Unknown 25m 16

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Mull Up Buttress


01 Green Beret / Razzle Dazzle Aid M2
02 Frustration and Contempt Sport 25m 16
03 Mull Up Sport 23m 21
04 The Perfidious Potoroo Sport 15m 20
05 Land of The Orange Druggie Sport 30m 22
06 Mortal Wombat Sport 20m 20
07 Sylvia* Sport 25m 21
08 Bond Corp Unknown 10m 17

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Fuzzbucky Wall


01 Equilibrium Sport 20m 18
02 The 2007 Love Handles Tour Sport 55m 19
03 Double Happiness Sport 35m 20
04 Thin Black Line Unknown 30m 16
05 Triumph of the Carrot Sport 25m 23
06 Carrots For Rabbits Sport 25m 23
07 Inside Out Sport 25m 19
08 Carroterrorism Sport 30m 23
09 Luck of the Draw Sport 25m 22
10 The Wiz** Sport 25m 25
11 Fuzz Bucky*** Sport 25m 26

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Main Wall



01 Shield of Achilles Sport 55m 23
02 Barren Awakening* Aid 35m 25
03 Learning to Fly Aid 35m 23 M0
04 Rage Sport 23m 23
05 Outrage Unknown 23m 22
06 Gunga Kim Trad 55m 20
07 Finger Lickin' Awful Trad 55m 16
08 Sex, Cigarettes and Chardonnay Sport 50m 19
09 Psychopath Unknown 30m 20
10 On Edge Unknown 40m 20
11 Ace Sport 50m 18
12 Fear in the Face of a Carrot Mixed 30m 20
13 Frog Groove Trad 45m 15
14 Thick Red Line Sport 45m 13-15
15 Double Nuts Unknown 45m 15
16 Opiate of the Masses Sport 35m 17

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Skywalker Wall


01 The Force Sport 30m 22
02 The Thin Red Line Sport 35m 22
03 Vader* Trad 31m 22
04 Fringe Benefits* Sport 30m 23
05 No Wasted Space Sport 30m 25
06 Skywalker*** Unknown 40m 23
07 Premature Evacuation* Sport 30m 25
08 Star Wars*** Sport 25m 24
09 Urban Ethics*** Sport 25m 22
10 Power Play*** Trad 25m 20
11 Running With the Bulls*** Sport 30m 24
12 The Alchemist*** Sport 25m 25
13 Chrysalis Trad 22m 21
14 Conflation* Sport 12m 21

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Hang Ten Buttress


01 Production Line Unknown 15m 29
02 Antitrust Trad 25m 29X
03 Above the Trust Trad 20m 29
04 Cardio Funk** Unknown 18m 29
05 Sweet Pea** Sport 22m 28
06 State of Discontent* Sport 19m 28
07 Black Ambience*** Sport 20m 29
08 Animalistic Rage Unknown 18m 29
09 Cranian Void* Sport 16m 27
10 Hang Ten** Sport 12m 24

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