ABC Day 03 - Ulleri to Ghorepani

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We followed the trickling river for a while after that. The trail was bamboo-fringed here, and followed a gentle slope with occasional ups and downs. Tufts of white flowers fringed the path, as did small bushes of Nepalese paper plants (Daphne bholua), that are known locally as 'lokta bushes'. The fibrous inner bark of these shrubs are still used to this day to make hand-made paper sheets that are called 'lokta paper'.

Nepalese paper plant (Daphne bholua)

Primula irregularis

We reached Ghorepani (elevation : 2860 m) soon after, and proceeded directly to the tourist police checkpoint (069-410033) for the mandatory ACAP permit check. We continued on after everything had been settled, and climbed even more stairs to reach the main centre of Ghorepani village. The stairwell eventually brought us to the intersection that was marked with a large signpost, that clearly pointed the way to Poon Hill off to the left, the path that we would be taking the next day. We instead turned right and walked down the alleyway that lead right to Sunny Lodge, where a cosy room (NPR400/2) and a hot meal (NPR550+650/2) awaited us.

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