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A New Day Dawns

It was a beautiful morning when we broke camp, with clear skies, and an absolutely still, mirror-like river. It felt a little chilly at first since the river still lay deep in the gorge's shadow, but I didn't really notice it too much with the delightful twittering and the chirping of the birds that surrounded me. The Sun left the gorge basking in its warm radiance as it rose higher in the sky, dispelling any chills that still remained. This soft, almost lateral sunlight helped to accentuate the shapes of the rocks and boulders, with their long shadows, the light reflecting off the pools of water, causing the algae in the water to seem to almost glow with a green sheen and bringing out a little shimmer in the sandstone.

Spiderwebs were ubiquitous here, strung up with delicate precision between the huge boulders and glinting in the sun. Despite their prevalence, I don't think that I ever got tired of looking at them, and couldn't help stopping to admire the work that was put in, almost each and every time. Some of the spiderwebs were enormous, easily over a metre in length; the spiders, on the other hand, were tiny in comparison, an almost indiscernible dot hidden within the filaments.

As I walked, my peripheral vision would occasionally catch the silver flash of a fish jumping out of the water trying to catch a hovering insect, but each time my head swung around to look, only tiny ripples remained. The breeze would also pick up every now and then, leaving little ripples in the water that glimmered in the light, and when it did I would always wonder if I had really seen those little flashes of silver at all...

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