October 15, 2016 Posted by Ramon Fadli in Hiking

Notice: Tabur Trails Temporarily Closed

Tabur West - Tabur East - Tabur Far East - Tabur Extreme
The Tabur trails are popular hiking trails that lead up to the peaks of the quartz dike known as Bukit Tabur. The nearly 14km long dike has a few sections that are accessible to hikers that range from the easier and more popular Tabur West and Tabur East that lie closer to the Klang Gates Dam in Taman Melawati to the slightly tougher Tabur Far East and Tabur Extreme that lie closer to the National Zoo.

Recently Bukit Tabur has been plagued with a number of unfortunate accidents which have prompted the authorities to temporarily close all the trails. The notice that was issued today (when translated from Malay) reads :

"Please be aware that all hiking activities and entry into the Gombak Selangor Quartz Ridge (PKGS) in 'Additional Hulu Gombak Forestry Reserve 1' have been suspended temporarily until further notice. All activities that involve hiking are prohibited altogether and the Selangor State Forestry Department are not to be held accountable for any accidents that may occur. Actions that violate these instructions directly contravene the 'Enactment (usage) of the National Forestry Act of 1985' :-

Section 47.
(1) No one is to enter any restricted forests except-
(2) An entry permit may only be issued by the Director or an authorised forestry officer.
(3) All entry permits are to follow Form 6.
(4) Anyone who violates subsection (1) is committing an offense and if found guilty can be fined up to "ten thousand ringgit or jailed for not more than three years; or both."

An image of the actual notice can be found on this 'Hiking & Camping Around Malaysia' (HACAM) Facebook post.

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