ABC Day 02 - Nayapul to Ulleri

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The Ascent

The village of Sudame (elevation : 1340 m) lay at the 6.7 km mark, and was just as small as the last village - just two to three guesthouses. The road climbed for a bit after that, switch-backing up the hill for a while before turning off to the left. Stone steps lead up and into another hamlet, Hile (elevation : 1430 m), once again with cobbled alleyways leading us past numerous guesthouses.

The hamlet of Hile (elevation : 1430 m)

The village of Tikhedunga (elevation : 1480 m) was next. The trail that skimmed the sides of the village looped around and hugged the sides of the rocky slopes, and was equipped with two metal bridges that spanned the river. The multitude of waterfalls and the crashing cascades that can be found here make Tikhedunga a pleasant place for a short rest, especially since the long climb up the stone stairwell to Ulleri lies immediately after.

Looking back on the steep climb after Tikhedunga

We trudged slowly up those stone steps, the long and tedious climb made even slower by Fiona's broken boots and a series of cramps that plagued Sreejith. I helped carry his backpack for a while which slowed me down considerably. The ascent was only two kilometres long, and only had 500 metres or so of elevation gain, but it took us over two hours to complete.

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