Cape to Cape Day 02 – Yallingup to Moses Rock

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Mercurial Weather

The path cut through the underbrush causing the sharp needle-like ends to seem to almost reach out to grasp at any sign of exposed skin on my calves as I walked by. This did not last for too long however as the foliage changed from waist-high shrubbery to trees 2-3 metres tall. They occasionally became so thick that the branches would all but envelop the trail, encroaching up and over the sides of the trail to create a tunnel of twigs. These twigs were grey and destitute and seemed to be waiting agonisingly for the coming of autumn and the rains that would undoubtedly follow. As the trail once again opened up and the tangles of twigs melted away, we were greeted by magnificent vistas of the ocean as we stumbled to a stop at another lookout point at the 7.6 km mark.

The path plunged once again into the grey forest of spooky, barren tendrils that reached for the sky. It undulated around and through rock caps that lead down past limestone outcrops before giving way to a wooden fence that fringed a pristine green meadow. The path then veered inland and cut across a road before heading southward once again through more unending shrubbery.

As we descended back down to the beach once again, the squalls that had whipped through the area ceased for a moment giving us a brief but well-deserved respite. It seemed as if the mercurial weather had been placated somehow, giving way to parted clouds and emerging colours - the vivid greens of plants, the saturated reds of the rocks, the bright yellow of the stretches of sand, and the deep and tranquil blue of the sky and ocean.

The track once again veered inland up a wooden stairwell, completely bypassing Injidup Point. The stairwell lead up to a carpark with a small wooden shack (that I presumed was a small outhouse) before dipping once again into a grove of trees. Beyond this point lay large sandy swaths of very uninspiring 4WD tracks, leaving me with no choice but to remain fixated on the storm front that was swelling and swirling in as it moved in from across the ocean.

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