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Archive for April 2014


Taxonomy Index

Here is a list of the common names of flora and fauna that have been mentioned in posts, along with their respective genera and species. The tables have been divided into their respective Kingdoms as well as their conservation status under the IUCN Red List * if known. I previously used Woese's three-domain, six-kingdom system, but with recent developments in taxonomy, I have instead switched to Cavalier- Read more

Cape to Cape Campsites

Most of the campsites that you will find along the Cape to Cape track are equipped with a shed that functions as a toilet that is next to two large rain water tanks - I would always recommend treating the water from the tanks prior to consumption (either by using water-purification tablets, a steripen, or by just boiling the water). The campsites also have picnic tables with benches for your perusal. You can use the links Read more

Cape to Cape Day 06 – Deepdene to Cape Leeuwin

I broke camp at 08:10 that morning and made my way from Deepdene Campsite down the 390 metre trail to the dune blowout. I was greeted by dark, ominous clouds, a sure sign of impending drama. I had had enough of the blistering sun by then and welcomed the brisk sea breeze as I pushed my way onwards with my sights transfixed on the tiny lighthouse in the distance.I found that stepping in the footsteps of Read more

Cape to Cape Day 05 – Conto's to Deepdene

I was very eager to get away from the crowds of Canto's Campsite that morning, so I packed up my hammock quickly and skirted the hoards of camper vans and oversized (and excessive) tents in order to make my way out of the campgrounds. I arrived at the sign outside the entrance and turned left down the trail, circumventing the boundaries of the massive campsite. The trail was refreshingly thin here and Read more

Cape to Cape Day 04 – Ellensbrook to Conto's

I left Ellensbrook campsite a little later than I had hoped, just after 08:00. Realising that I had over 30 kilometres of hiking to do that day, I would need to hike at an average speed of approximately 4 km/h to reach the next campsite before the sun set - a speed that was definitely achievable especially considering that I was now hiking alone. The clouds didn't look too promising though and I caught myself hoping Read more

Cape to Cape Day 03 – Moses Rock to Ellensbrook

The three of us left Moses Rock campsite just after 09:00 and turned left at the crossroads in order to continue heading southward. As the views of the coast opened up, the overwhelming power of the ocean immediately became apparent - the initial reverberating smash of the waves against the rocks, the water being powerfully sucked back out to the ocean in the surge that would always follow, and the soft Read more