Western Arthurs Day 4 : Lake Oberon – High Moor

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Onwards to High Moor

We descended down the mountain, at times along almost vertical descents, but most often than not the path zig-zagged its way down past slippery branches and exposed roots that jutted out of the sides of the mountain, aiding in our descent down. I took great care whenever I stepped on the roots however as I found some to be very slippery, basically an accident waiting to happen. The rain and the wind at this point was almost horizontal and were hitting me with such ferocity that they were akin to tiny projectiles. All concept of time seemed to vanish from me at this point as all I focused on was each and every single careful step in front of me, as well as trying hard to keep myself balanced and to not get blown over by the harsh wind.

The path gradually made its way around some boulders, before heading up to the moor between the two peaks of Mt. Columba (elevation : 1042m). There were wooden planks, that I could barely stay on because of the wind, that lead across the moor and down to the High Moor campsite.

Please disregard the distance and the GPS positioning below. The inclement weather made it very hard for the GPS to get an accurate fix.

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