ABC Day 07 - Bamboo to Deurali

Himalaya Hotel

I crossed a large waterfall that ran under a makeshift bridge, before making the climb up to a shrine that lay about 4 kilometres from Bamboo. The trail began a steep climb fairly soon after, before leveling off just before Himalaya Hotel (elevation : 2920 m). I reached the village, which basically consisted of just two lodges, just over two hours after leaving Bamboo. The place looked quite cosy and was surrounded by greenery, and was nothing like what I had expected it to be. Himalayan primroses (Primula denticulata) were ubiquitous around here, as were its pollinators, and it seemed as though the bamboo had finally relinquished and had given way for the mossy forest to once again close in.

The Indian cabbage white butterfly (Pieris canidia) and the Indian tortoiseshell butterfly (Aglais caschmirensis) pollinating Himalayan primroses

I then began the slow climb up to Deurali. Gorgeous views opened up to my right, and multiple waterfalls that drained the mountain tops could be seen as they fell vertically down the sheer valley face and down to the Modi Khola directly below. The cliffs were so high that the water seemed to fall agonisingly slowly, giving me the impression that either the law of gravity had been suspended, or that time was slowing down to a stand-still. I reached a huge overhang just after a short but fairly steep climb, which turned out to be Hinku Cave (elevation : 3170 m). The entrance to the cave was blocked so I continued on towards Deurali.

Cutting through the forest; the overhanging rock that marked the entrance of Hinku Cave

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