ABC Day 08 - Machapuchare Base Camp


The cloud-cover was even more dense as I emerged out of the guesthouse, so I decided to make my way back down to MBC whilst I still could and to instead hike back up to ABC once again for sunrise the next day. The journey back down turned out to be quite an adventure in itself. The descent was uneventful at first but as I descended down the trail, so did the mist, and it shrouded everything in a white-out. I was not overly worried however, as the trail was very wide and I could still see it beneath my feet.

Things began to get a little uncomfortable as the wind picked up, and it sapped away my body heat as it whistled by. I picked up my pace and jogged back down, hoping that the extra body heat would counteract the wind-chill effect. I made it back to MBC in 45 minutes, and just in time as it began to hail almost immediately after I arrived. The hail then turned into a short bout of rain, and then it began to snow, and snow and snow it did.

After heavy snowfall

The snow eventually stopped after falling continuously for over five hours. I had planned to explore the moraine that lay to the north of MBC as well as a possible trail that followed the Modi Khola north-east towards the East Annapurna Glacier, but the heavy snow had left me completely stranded in the room. The only things that were left to do was to read my Kindle Paperwhite and to wait for dinner (dhal bhat NPR620 with hot lemon NPR120).

*I ended up having the entire dorm room (NPR180) to myself!

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