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Junction Creek

Camp Location

Junction Creek is probably one of the most used campsite along the Western Arthurs route. It is the first campsite that you reach once leaving Scotts Peak Dam and lies at the junction where the path diverges west to the ascent up Alpha Moraine and east towards Kappa Moraine. The campsite is divided into two by a small stream but also has a much larger river passing through that you have to cross on the northern side of the camp. A tree has been cut down and laid across the river to aid with the crossing and there are a few wooden steps that descend down to river that helps with water collection.

There are two large clearings on both the northern and southern side of the camp that can accommodate several tents, and the toilet facilities lie just off to the left when crossing the stream to the southern side. The path continues on southwards from here and branches off immediately after the campsite.

There is another smaller campsite that lies between Junction Creek and Lake Cygnus called the Alpha Moraine campsite. This campsite is located right at the foot of the moraine just before ascending and is basically a small clearing next to a river, so can be quite exposed. This campsite is very small, perhaps only able to accommodate two tents, but has a good source of water nearby.