Krabi Day 01 & 02 - Ao Nang & Phra Nang

Muay Thai & Fire Poi

After washing up we met once again for dinner where I helped myself to a plate of American fried rice and a plate of fried beef with some extra rice thrown in for good measure along with some amber nectar to wash it all 'down', which all came up to a total of THB325.

Tickets for the Muay Thai fight (locals call it Thai boxing) that night had cost us THB100 each which had secured us some great seats in the front row. I was also very eager to see Yaya fight again as his fights had been pretty eventful the year before. As soon as the fight began after the Wai Khru ritual, it became quite clear that Yaya was the more experienced fighter out of the two. He also made his aggression fairly evident from the start. Yaya landed more shots than the other fighter including some occasional spinning back fists. Yaya finally prevailed with a knock out in the 4th round via an acrobatic kick to the opponents head. The fight was immediately followed by some fire poi performances on the dance floor of the adjacent Bamboo Bar.

Day 1 & 2 Expenditure

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