Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo (Continued)

There was a point where I was a little preoccupied taking photographs when I heard a siren in the distance. This caused me to hurry to the platform to start my descent as I had assumed that it was some sort of warning due to an increase in seismic activity in the area. In my haste however, the trekking pants that I had purchased in Kathmandhu began to rip due to the long strides that I was taking and the tear became larger with every stride. The tear ultimately ran from my left knee all the way up to my groin which lent fresh meaning to the phrase 'felt a breeze'! I decided to make my descent using a less conventional route across the sand dunes in order to avoid a repeat of the embarrassed giggles of the girls that I had previously passed. 


Whilst walking through the erosion valleys on the North flank of Bromo (where the dunes are suddenly transmogrified into canyons), I realized that the poncho that I always carried with me but had never used may have a purpose after all. I also realized there and then that with my trekking pants completely obliterated and my SD card for the GoPro full, the Ijen Crater would have to wait for another time.

The canyons gradually made way for the vast plain expanse of sand once again where I was able to join up the the trails left by the speedas. The trail lead me up to a straight road that cut up across the ridge leading back up to Cemero Lawang.  the road was lined with trees that consisted of a mixture of more Casuarina trees (Casuarina junghuhniana, 'Cemara' in Bahasa Indonesia), Acacia trees (Acacia decurrens, 'Wartel' in Bahasa Indonesia), and some dead husks.

The town of Cemero Lawang appeared at the end of the road and ravenous, I went searching for my regular warung eager for something satiating.




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