Cape to Cape Day 04 – Ellensbrook to Conto's Campsite

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Margaret River

Margaret River

As I came upon the mouth of Margaret River, I realised that my prior concerns had been completely unfounded. The crossing turned out to be just a long sandbar, a stretch of sand that was easily traversed. I climbed up the stairway on the other end that merged on to Rivermouth Road and walked along the narrow trail that lead up the hill on the left side of the road (following the sign that said 'Pedestrians').

The top of the hill rewarded me with magnificent views of Margaret River and Walcliffe crag that lined its side. Walcliffe crag is relatively small compared to Bob's Hollow and Wilyabrup, having only approximately 20 bolted routes. Too bad I didn't have a belayer then! All I could do was soak in the views for a while, before continuing along the path before crossing Wallcliffe Road and back on to the Cape to Cape track.

Margaret River

Margaret River with Walcliffe crag on the right

The trail from here was basically a fire trail that was to act as a fire break - extremely wide, very plain and completely uninteresting. I trudged through this long, dreary section keeping my head in the clouds to pass the time. As the trail began to meander its way atop the hill, the sight of rolling hills and the sea in the distance began to appear, marking the end of the section. The closer I got, the lighter my footsteps became. The sun began to emerge from behind the dense cloud cover bringing a smile back to my face.

Boodjidup Brook

There was a noticeable spring in my steps as I descended the hundreds of log steps down to Boodjidup Bridge, my pace quickening, excited by the lush greenery at the bottom. The clearing around the bridge was gorgeous - soft, lush green grass everywhere, shaded by the branches of the trees as they stretched upwards towards the sky - and would have made a perfect campsite. The water in the brook however, was stagnant, murky and turbid.

Boodjidup Bridge

360 Panorama

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