Krabi Day 07 & 08 - Railay Lagoon & Phi Phi Island

Before meeting up for dinner at Rapalla once again (where I had fried beef rice with extra rice that cost THB110), I extended the room for one more day (THB360). We then made our way down to Bamboo Bar to watch another one of Yaya's Thai Boxing fights. There was a good exchange of bouts between the two fighters in the first and second rounds. Yaya's opponent was knocked down in the third round but managed to get up before the count and somehow managed to make it through all 5 rounds despite the barrage of strikes including a number of spinning backfists and (what they call) chicken kicks. The fight ultimately went to the judges decision in favour of Yaya. The fight was then followed by another fire poi performance.

Day 7 & 8 Expenditure

Next (Day 09 & 10) : Thaiwand Wall Cave & West Railay Sunset