Rawa Island

The Sunrise Hike

The next day began really early as the group wanted to make the trek to the tip of the island for the sunrise. We began walking to the Rawa Island Resort which was just next door and just behind the the resort a sign labeled 'Hilltop Jungle Trekking' pointed the way. The trail itself, which we had completely overestimated, was just a short flight of stone steps leading up to the eastern side of the island which overlooked some cliffs. It had only taken 9 minutes and 30 seconds to reach that point and as such were in for a long wait. Following the trail would bring you to the south tip of the island which also had some great views.

A little beagle (Canis lupus familiaris) called Daisy had followed the group up the trail, but she on the other hand seemed to have overestimated the trail as she was puffing and panting by the time she reached the top. I think we were all glad that she had come along though as her antics kept us entertained. The sunrise itself was not as breathtaking as some that I had seen but the fact that the elevated viewpoint was also very open and exposed made the time we spent there quite worthwhile. After spending just over 2 hours chatting and taking in the views, we made our way down to the resort to place orders for breakfast.

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