ABC Day 09 - Annapurna Base Camp

The Descent

The skies had remained gloomy and quite overcast for quite a while, so I maintained a fairly quick pace, considering I had quite a lot of distance to cover that day. It began to drizzle within minutes after I arrived at a guesthouse that lay 5 minutes before the village of Dobhan (elevation : 2600 m), so I figured that since I was ahead of schedule and was well below my budget, I would stop for lunch and treat myself to some macaroni and cheese (NPR470) whilst waiting for the rain to let up.

The rain turned out to be just a short spell, so I left right after I was done with my meal. I reached Bamboo (elevation : 2310 m) 45 minutes later, and the long steep staircase that awaited me just after was the first of two big climbs until the town of Chommrong. It began to drizzle once again, but I just threw on my rain jacket and marched on, eager to cover as much ground as I could.

I reached the Chomrong Khola bridge at 14:45, and knew that the long, tedious climb up the stairwell lay just ahead, and was the last obstacle I had before I reached the many guesthouses of Chomrong (elevation : 2170 m).

Time taken to descend

(at a fairly quick pace):

ABC - MBC : 45 minutes

MBC - Deurali : 60 minutes

Deurali - Himalaya Hotel : 45 minutes

Himalaya Hotel - Dobhan : 50 minutes

Dobhan - Bamboo : 45 minutes

Bamboo - Sinuwa : 60-80 minutes

Sinuwa - Chomrong : 80 minutes

Not too long after I reached the guesthouse, I decided to purchase internet access (NPR200, the first and only time for the entire trip) just to let my loved ones know that I was out of the mountains and was well. I then made my way to the dining hall for an early and very anticipated dinner of dhal bhat (NPR480) with two cups of hot lemon (2x NPR100), before retiring for the night to the comfort of the room (NPR200).

Route Playback

Suunto Movescount Stats

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